What is Eyebrow Threading ?

Eyebrow Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that involves twisting cotton thread around facial hair. With the help of twisted thread we take out the hair follicle. With the threading is easy to remove the finest hair from the face. This is very ease, less time consuming and very hygienic method to remove the facial hairs.

Benefits of Threading ?

  • » Very safe method to remove hairs.
  • » 100% natural, no chemicals or hot wax on the delicate eye ares and face.
  • » Get best results for eyebrow.
  • » Perfect for sensitive skin.

Threading Vs. Waxing or Tweezing

For threading we just use 100% of cotton thread, whereas in waxing, hot wax and chemicals have been used on skins. With threading you can get the perfect shapes because we have full control on our threads. We can give you the best shape according to your wish, but with the wax this is not possible.



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